[1-DAY] Defensive Concealed Carry Course - South Carolina

COURSE NAME: 1 Day Defensive Concealed Carry Course 


HOSTED BY: GTI Training Facility 

LEAD INSTRUCTORS: Kris "Tanto" Paronto 

WHEN: 21 AUG 2021

TIME: 0930-1630 

WHERE: 1321 Technology Drive Suite 101, Barnwell, SC 29812 


OBJECTIVE: This is a Defensive Concealed Carry Course. Students attending this course need to have a fundamental understanding of firearms and want to freshen up on their conceal carry weapon handling skills. This is a low stress  course designed to take the shooter to the next level of their continued training. 



  • Basic Review: Safe Rules for Proper Firearm Carry and Handling 
  • Basic Review: Seven Fundamentals of Marksmanship 
  • Situational awareness and OODA loop 
  • Shooting at Multiple Distances 
  • Concealed carry techniques 
  • Clothing consideration 
  • Holster positions 
  • Defeating cover garments 
  • Shooting Primary Hand and Off Hand 
  • Combative Draw Stroke 
  • Magazine Changes & Weapons Malfunctions


Email us if you have any questions or comments: battlelinetacticalteam@gmail.com

[1-DAY] Defensive Concealed Carry Course - South Carolina

SKU: SC-AUG-2021
  • Driver’s license 

    Battleline Tactical Waiver 

    NOTE: You can register for a Level 1 / Fundamentals Pistol course at https://gtilegion.com/ or Email:  info@gtilegion.com - Phone: (803) 259-1935