[1-DAY - WOMEN'S ONLY] Fundamental Pistol Course  - Louisiana

COURSE NAME: 1 Day Women’s Only Fundamental Pistol Course 


HOSTED BY: Red River Range 

LEAD INSTRUCTORS: Kris "Tanto" Paronto 

WHEN: 16 Jan 2021 Time: 0930-1630 

WHERE: 8450 River, Range Rd, Shreveport, LA 71106 


OBJECTIVE: This is an entry level course for women only. Students attending this course need little to no experience with pistols. It is also for those who want a refresher on their weapon handling skills. This is a good class to have before you take a License to Carry Course (LTC) if required in your state. After this class shooters will have a new found comfort around their firearm. This course is structured as a low stress course of instruction to help new shooters become comfortable with their firearm. There will be no need for note taking materials as the students will be provided materials for their review at the end of the course. 


NO JUDGEMENT ZONE: New shooters often fear they will make mistakes in a course and be judged for that mistake. This is the course you want to make mistakes in. This is a NO judgment or NO alpha personality course. We want you to be focused on learning and progressing as much as you can without any stress. 



- Safety rules for proper firearm handling 

- The seven fundamentals of marksmanship 

- Magazine changes & clearing weapon malfunctions 

- Proper Firearm Weapon Maintenance

- Mantis X Training System


Email us if you have any questions or comments: battlelinetacticalteam@gmail.com

[1-DAY - WOMEN'S ONLY] Fundamental Pistol Course - Louisiana

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