[2-DAY] Level 2 Defensive Conceal Carry and Tactics Course - Texas

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COURSE NAME: 2 Day Level 2 Defensive Conceal Carry and Tactics Course 


HOSTED BY: Defender Outdoors 

LEAD INSTRUCTORS: Kris "Tanto" Paronto & Ben Morgan

WHEN: 20-21 NOV 2021

TIME: 0930-1630 

WHERE: 2900 Shotts St, Fort Worth, TX 76107 


OBJECTIVE: This is a Level 2 Defensive Conceal Cary and Tactics Course. As a prerequisite, students attending this course need to have a fundamental understanding of firearms and take their conceal carry weapon handling skills and tactics to the next level. This is an increased stress course with advanced scenario-based training designed to take the shooter to the next level of their continued training. Students will also learn life saving techniques to be applied during Direct Threat "Hot Zone" and Indirect Threat "Warm Zone" including casualty moving and evacuation techniques. TOPICS


COVERED: Basic Review: Safe Rules for Proper Firearm Carry and Handling Basic Review: Seven Fundamentals of Marksmanship Situational awareness and OODA loop Shooting at Multiple Distances and from behind cover Shooting and Walking (Forward, Right, Left, Backward) "Cone Drills" Concealed carry techniques Clothing consideration Holster positions Defeating cover garments Shooting Primary Hand and Off Hand Combative Draw Stroke Magazine Changes & Weapons Malfunctions Tactical Lifesaver Course – Instructed by: Mike Riche with Survival Mindset Training Group.


Email us if you have any questions or comments: battlelinetacticalteam@gmail.com

[2-DAY] Level 2 Defensive Conceal Carry and Tactics Course - Texas

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  • Driver’s license 

    Battleline Tactical Waiver 

    NOTE: If needed You can register for a fundamentals course that qualifies for the prerequisite at Defender Outdoors  at https://defenderoutdoors.com/shooting-center/training/ or Email: info@defenderoutdoors.com PH: 817-935-8377