[2-DAY] Stress Fire Course - Illinois

COURSE NAME: 2 Day Stress Fire Course – Not for the faint or weak hearted 


HOSTED BY: DAVAD Civilian Defense 

LEAD INSTRUCTORS: Kris "Tanto" Paronto and Daniel Lombard 

WHEN: 12 – 13 June 2021 Time: 0930-1630 ea. day 

WHERE: 25414 S State St, Crete, IL 60417 


OBJECTIVE: This is an Advanced Course. Students attending this course are required to have proficiency & understanding of Weapons Handling and Weapons Safety – Not recommended for first-time shooters. This course is for students that have experience with weapon systems, and want to take their weapon handling skills to the next level learning weapons handling and tactics that may be new to them. This course is meant to push you physically in order to closely replicate what effect fatigue has on your decision making, shooting, and weapon handling proficiency. This is a very physically demanding course. It will stress your body and mind to the point of exhaustion while simultaneously helping you move beyond your comfort level.



- Quick Review of Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Combative Draw stroke & Safe Weapon Handling

- 50 Yard Zero

- Obtain proficiency in all carbine and pistol carrying positions from low carry, low ready, high ready, high carry and Ten Gun

- 0-200m Stress Fire Lanes: Utilizing the best carry positions in order to run to various shooting lines and effectively engage single to multiple threats

- Bi Lateral Shooting (Walking forward, backward, left and right) with and without obstacles and barricades

- Strong Hand and Off Hand Shooting (Pistol Only)

- Shooting and Walking with and without obstacles (Forward, Right, Left, Backward) "Cone Drills"

- Buddy Team Movements entry level SUT (S.mall U.nit. T.actics).

- Advanced Combatives 


Email us if you have any questions or comments: battlelinetacticalteam@gmail.com

[2-DAY] Stress Fire Course - Illinois

  • Driver’s license

    Battleline Tactical waiver

  • *Carbine Rifle and Pistol

    *Applicable Weapon Retention Holster

    *Applicable Weapon Sling/Carry system

    *400 rounds of ammunition for each weapon

    *Eye and Ear Protection (Prescription glasses are fine)

    *Water and food are the responsibility of the student.

    Seasonal and Weather Specific Clothing

    Knee and Elbow Padding

    Tactical Gear (Vest with plates, Belt, Helmet)

    Weapons cleaning kit

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