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Visit the Code Locker for an up-to-date list of exclusive coupon codes on Tanto-approved gear and more. You can save big on these products and brands as a thank you for being a huge Tanto fan! Be sure to check back often, as we are always adding new brand partnerships and coupon codes to the Code Locker roster. Save an average of 10% on top quality brands that will make great gifts for yourself, for family, or for friends, including, Fort Scott Munitions, and Morgan Timing Systems, LLC. 

FortScott-Munitions-Keystone-WHITE_700x109 logo.png

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Fort Scott Munitions™ mission is to provide knowledgeable and professional customer service to all of our customers. Whether you are a beginner or expert, at the gun range or out hunting, we are able to help you purchase the gear, guns, ammo and accessories to fit your exact needs.

Fort Scott Munitions

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No two lifestyles are the same - and that's why Out of Regz uniquely formulated a Water-Based Pomade that is made to withstand your daily life..

Out of Regz

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Gladiator Solutions Inc. was developed by Law Enforcement and Military Personnel with one simple idea…to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort, at an affordable price. 

Gladiator Solutions

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Harris & Sons Inc. the perfect Hearing Performance Insert is a culmination of ergonomics, design, aesthetic balance and sound performance. The Insert must become one with the individual. Seamless, streamlined, and built to exceed its desired acoustic profile.

Harris and Sons

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SIMPLICITY, MEET SELF-IMPROVEMENT. It’s been called the fountain of youth, human scaffolding, and the glue holding the body together, and we here at BUBS Naturals believe that collagen is all that, and more. The BUBS namesake derives from Glen ‘BUB’ Doherty, who was heroically killed in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. In addition to remembering Glen for the patriot he is, the BUBS ethos centers around the passionate and adventure seeking life that Glen lived.

Bubs Naturals
Forjd leather
FORJ’D Leather.png

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Forj'd America (AKA: Forj'd Leather) is the product of the Forj'd teams' blood sweat and tears. They are a family-owned business, specializing in premium custom laser engraved leather products.

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A portion of sales is donated back to charities that are focused on helping veterans and first responders! We want to thank you for helping us support our veterans and first responders! We could not do this without your support!

Hero Soap Company

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For us, helping people feel better and live better has meant creating simple and effective natural remedies that serve as a holistic first line of defense against common ailments. Turns out, it takes a lot of steps to keep things purely simple and our products are a reflection of the care and commitment required to live up to our mission.

Patch Ops

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From USMC MOS Patches, to ideas from our twisted minds or using our artist Bhen to draw up your very own custom design- our attention to detail and quality of work will always be something that can be displayed with pride. I look forward to continuing to serve all Police, Military, 2A Advocates, and other hard charging PATRIOTS that love this country as much as we do.

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