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Enter for a chance to win some sweet prizes! Check back often to see what new contests and giveaways we are running! 


Our second monthly giveaway ramps up with the best training tool any shooter could want. The Mantis x10 system is like having a personal trainer with you at the range. Providing the ability to pin point your errors and provide instant live feedback on how to be a better shooter. At home the Mantis X10 system can also be used with dry fire practice to really help you step up your skills. The Mantis system is used by all of the Battleline Tactical staff and can often be found on Kris's guns. Enter below for your chance to win this months giveaway! 

ENDED  - Winner will be announced shortly! 

Battleline Tactical Tool Box Giveaway

Tanto Tool Box.png

Enroll in any Battleline Course in 2021 will automatically enter you to win a LIMITED EDITION TANTO'S TOOL BOX V3


1 Day Course = 1 Entry 

2 Day Course = 2 Entires


Winner Will be Announced on November 27th 2021 

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